Basic Equipment

Here, I'm going to list what equipment you will need to start off. I do not endorse any of the product brands listed here, I'm just linking to them to give you an idea.

If you are in Ireland, Then there are several places you can go to. For the basics though you local supermarket will do fine. For the more advanced items, you can take a look at

The Basics
  • Spatula, Bowls
  • American measuring cups - I got mine in Tesco's for about 4 euro. These are really handy. Many of the recipes you'll come across online are in American cup measurements. So to save yourself the time of having to convert everything, These are well worth the money. Here is a set from Amazon. I bought a plastic set, they are so easy to clean as I can just pop them in the dishwasher.
  • Measuring Spoons - again these are so worth getting. I got mine in Home Store + More. This is the set I got on Amazon
  • Mixer - by far the most popular mixer that you will see being used is from KitchenAid. They are not cheap. But if you are serious about baking then they'll make things a whole lot easier. The image below is for the Artisan mixer. this is the mixer intended for non-commercial use and is lovely and stylish.

  • However, You can actually buy the commercial version of this cheaper. It comes in white so isn't as nice to look at but you do get all that extra power. I'm saving up for one of these!

  • Electric whisk - If you can't afford a mixer, then buy an electric whisk. This is the one I have from Kenwood

  • Cupcake tins - It is worth buying good quality tins. the reason for this is that they are usually heavier and transmit the heat around the cupcakes more evenly. I have Wilton Cupcake trays, which you can buy on eBay or in Home Store+More. Here is the normal size cupcake tray on Ebay. I also have the mini cupcake version.
  • Cupcake cases - google these, there are some really beautiful ones.Check out Etsy and Ebay.

  • Weighing scales  I have a cheap dial weighing scales but to be honest, I'd advise getting a digital one. You can pick on up at your local Supermarket quite cheaply

  • Oven thermometer  - You will need one of these as the built in one on your oven may not be very accurate. Here is one on Amazon.

  • Airtight Tupperware boxes to store your cupcakes. I got mine in Home Store+More. They are specifically sized for cupcakes and you'll fit about 12 large cupcakes into each one.

  • For Frosting you will need a small offset spatula or if you want to do the large swirls, then you will need an icing bag and a large icing tip . My favourites are the Wilton 1M or the Wilton 6D tip. You can get these on eBay.