Friday, 17 September 2010

The start of a very long cupcake journey!

Cupcakeries haven't yet taken off in Ireland. Yes we have a few cupcakeries but they are not in every town and every city - yet! Recently one opened in a town close by and I couldn't wait to get in to try one. They looked absolutely delicious with all that frosting heaped on top!

I chose a chocolate orange cupcake. It was a chocolate base with chocolate frosting and then a Terry's chocolate orange segment on top. Unfortunately, the cake itself was dry and the whole thing left me with a taste of disappointment!

I thought that something that looked so good, really needed to taste good too! I decided to try baking myself.

Looking at cupcakes, I really didn't think they were going to be difficult to bake! How wrong was I!!!!! Believe me when I tell you, it's a complete science.

I started researching cupcake blogs. There are some really good inspirational bloggers out there. I love the cupcakeproject and cupcake bakeshop. Another great place to start is over with the good guys at cakecentral, just hop along to the cupcake forum for lots of tips and recipes.

My first attempt at cupcakes was a chocolate cupcake with creamy vanilla frosting. For the frosting I followed this Youtube video from I thought the frosting was lovely but my family thought it too sweet and buttery.

I used the epicurious double layer chocolate recipe. You can find it here The recipe is for a cake but I used it to make cupcakes instead. There is ALOT of better from this recipe so either be prepared for lots of cupcakes or use half of it to make a one layered cake. Either way the recipe makes a lovely chocolate base.

I haven't quite figured out how to upload pictures to the blog yet, but will upload one soon!

What was your first ever cupcake to taste and bake?

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