Thursday, 23 September 2010

Cake decorating

This week I started at a cake decorating course. I've always been scared of Fondant for some reason! But really it's just like playdoh!  We didn't do much the first night, Just discussed the different types of icings,fondants, tools and what type of decorations you can make with them.

My son will have his first birthday in a few weeks and I was hoping that i'd be able to bake and decorate a fabulous cake for him. Not sure if i'll manage it, But i have a 2 tier cake in mind! How hard can it be eh?? :-P

Last night I tried my first fondant rose. I'll upload a photo later this evening. It didn't turn out half bad!!! I followed this Youtube Tutorial. Very easy!


  1. Oh please do share all the tips you get!! My Mom is making my cake so any advice will be great!!

  2. I will of course! though maybe your mum could give ME some advice ha ha!